Our Ethical considerations

We will be incorporating several guidelines from various organizations. The first guideline will be entirely based around the integration of a mission for student news and student views.

               We first, and foremost, exist as a group of students dedicated to our education. We commit to providing for a dedicated public forum which provides space for freedom of expression amongst student journalists. This medium should be free from censorship and advanced approval of consent.

               We recognize that we act as a news program. Our content and its production must, therefore, be of a higher quality and be crafted with accuracy, integrity, and holistic consideration. As students, we recognize that this means not only reporting our news accurately and fairly the first time, but to do so thoroughly and with honesty.

               We recognize that we make mistakes. We will openly and honestly admit to mistakes we make in our reporting and correct the record in an upfront and honest way.

               We recognize that we are student journalists. As such, we must maintain trustworthiness and independence in our social media platforms. While we do not manage the accounts of our journalists, we recognize that those journalists who present the news have a responsibility to communicate the news accurately.

               We recognize that we must be respectful of the subjects, people, and positions that are held on our air. As such, we will be respectful of identifiers such as gender, race, sexuality, religion, status, class, and minority classes not explicitly listed in this ethical statement. We will respect our audience, our subjects, and our staff.

               We take responsibility for our original reporting and we work hard to provide sources in the united states and around the world. As a group comprised of students explicitly working on student centered news, we hold ourselves to a standard that is both academically and professionally grounded in strong and professional communications.

               We commit to continuing to provide a group of voices that reflect the educational and professional environment that our journalists see in the world. This means intentionally representing the diversity of the educational system we live in and properly expressing their stories.

               We commit ourselves to these ethical guidelines and a standard of excellence. This includes limiting our reliance on anonymous sourcing, providing accountability amongst ourselves, and providing space for researching stories before they enter our space. We commit ourselves to our audience, our staff, and our journalist’s respective institutions.

               We support and respect their freedom of speech, as well as the freedom of our own project.

              We will ensure that we adhere to all laws, including those of fair use. We will use content for criticism, commentary, or reporting, and will also ensure that we are not substantially using work, or effecting the market for a particular work if it is not ours to control.

Broadcast Rules and Regulations

               We are beholden to the broadcasting rules and regulations of DCTV’s Public Access Broadcasting channel. Those rules are available here.

Author: Ivy Lyons

I’ve enjoyed working as a student journalist, printing my own newsletters, and encouraging contextualized, rich discussions of what matters most. I currently produce and host podcasts, contribute to news outlets and continue my education as a Ph.D. student at the University of Maryland.

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